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About Us

IGEX Technologies Ltd is an exclusive distributor of banking equipment from leading international producers. IGEX is a rapidly growing distribution chain in Russia and all of the CIS. Our mission is to enable safe and hi-tech operation of banks. The scale of our business places IGEX among the largest international suppliers of new equipment for banks and financial institutions. Our clients value the competence, friendliness, and professionalism they find in us. Our key accounts are banks that maintain high quality standards and stay on the forefront of banking technologies. Our experts will supply your bank with reliable and fast cash handling equipment, offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs, and provide dependable after-sales and warranty service.

We represent reputable brands: Sigma and Talaris  are synonymous with quality, reliability, security, and advanced technologies.

Equipment supplied by IGEX delivers quality and guarantees your business will develop at the highest technological level.

They also say we are easy and pleasant to work with. Give us a try!