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Rosengrens supply high security solutions to a wide spectrum of customers covering major banks and retailers through to small shops and private houses. Rosengrens provide a wide range of high quality physical and electronic products. Expert advice, special designs from the concept through to delivery and installation are also provided.

Our customers all have in common the fact that they appreciate having a competent partner close at hand. Someone who is always prepared to come up with an innovative security solution for every individual need. Regardless of product and the area of security in which we operate. And that is the essence of our promise we stand by you.

Rosengrens high competence, high quality, attractive design and ongoing development are core values that affect our business relations.

At Rosengrens we have more than 150 years experience of security products. In recent years we have grown both organically and through acquisitions. This has provided us with technology and knowledge that have enabled us to develop best-of-breed products and solutions.

Rosengrens Quality Guidelines constitute the norm for product development and production. In order to be certified as compliant with these guidelines, a product must pass a number of demanding tests. Furthermore, we have incorporated several criteria relating to existing European norms for furniture and office furniture that must be met.

The design of our products is attractive and blends in well , with its environment, and the products themselves are developed to be user-friendly and functional in all aspects.

Research and Development
At Rosengrens we focus on meeting our customers needs. By allocating substantial resources to research and development we are constantly developing our offering to allow for complex and tailor-made security solutions.