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65% Productivity Saving with Quick Deposit Processing

Using the patented QDP process banknotes are entered into the sorter in batches along with a header and trailer card per batch. However, unlike the traditional ACDP process the trailer card is placed at the front of the batch and the header card at the rear of the batch. The simple switching of the PCD cards enables the sorter to automatically remove many of the notes that would have previously been sent for off-line reconciliation by identifying batches with no rejected banknotes.

De La Rue believes that productivity improvements of up to 65% can be gained in the reject reconciliation process. Ed Brindley, Head of Pre-Sales and Product Management at De La Rue explains, The introduction of QDP will significantly reduce the volume of rejected notes which would otherwise require time consuming manual checking. In addition, the decrease in the weight of notes (1,000 banknotes typically weigh 1kg) that are required to be moved around the cash centre improve the overall efficiency and speed of operation.

Sanjay Razdan, Managing Director Cash Processing Solutions, De La Rue, states QDP represents another milestone in De La Rues drive to deliver improved performance, productivity and security. We are proud of our commitment to continually provide innovative solutions that optimise cash handling operations for our customers globally.

Efficient cash processing operations rely on repeatable, robust procedures that allow cash to be turned around in the shortest possible time whilst reducing the overall cost per note. QDP minimises the time that cash sits in the cash centre as a non-earning asset, allowing it to be recycled in ATM and branch networks and ensuring that customers receive fast credit for deposits.

QDP is available now for De La Rues industry-leading range of high speed CPS and desktop Cobra banknote sorters.