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Cash Star 5110

payment terminal
Many large organisations worldwide handle millions of payment transactions in notes, coins, cards, vouchers and cheques, costing a significant amount of time and money to do so directly or in outsourcing contracts to third-party providers.

The Cash Star 5110 is a terminal which allows for the payment of bills and other transactions in a self-service application, enabling customers to pay utility bills, taxes, invoices and top-up their mobile phone credit at this terminal. With its compact design and small footprint, the Cash Star 5110-cash ATM is perfect for installation in a self-service lobby area.

As well as cash, the Cash Star 5110 can also handle bank card based operations and cheque acceptance and is used by many financial institutions for their clients bank loan and credit card payments. The unit has a coin acceptance and dispensing module, so that coin transactions can be made and change given. An in-built barcode reader also enables bills to be automatically recognised without the need to key in account information; making this machine a truly versatile self-service all round payment terminal.