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Cash Star 7125/7225

cash recycling ATM
The Cash Star 7125/7225 is a fully-automated cash dispenser and deposit teller machine, designed to fulfil the requirement to automate routine self-banking operations.

Many other features, such as cheque deposit, safe bag deposit, passbook and A4 statement printing are also available in the same unit, making the Cash Star 7125/7225 a truly flexible self-service banking solution. All these features are available within an excellent footprint vs. functionality ratio.

This advanced recycling technology enables banks to offer both convenience and availability of their services to customers. As deposited banknotes are fed directly into the dispensing cassettes, ATM cash management can be carried out remotely, substantially increasing operational autonomy and reducing the need for cash replenishment.

The latest technological innovations and the highest manufacturing quality standards make Cash Star 7125/7225 a state-of-the-art multi-functional and fully automated teller machine.